13th Revolver


Use social networks to drive traffic but most of all to create awareness and build your brand value.


Know your target and maximize exposure by multiplying your presence across channels.


Go for a mix of media formats, innovate with content and offerings.

Consumer Insights & Analytics

Using proprietary technology  to collect ever-growing piles of customer data, we combine our deep industry knowledge, broad functional capabilities, and technical know-how to deliver valuable insights and create strategies for attracting, engaging, and retaining profitable consumers to our clients.

Culture and Context

Contemporary empirical research has shown that consumers with different cultural backgrounds demonstrate different consumer behaviors and are most receptive to content that is consistent with their cultural expectations. Therefore, to maximize relevance, receptivity, and ROI, at 13th revolver we create tailored content for our clients based on the cultural expectation of their target audience.

Building Relationships

We help our clients create marketing campaigns that aren’t irrelevant and annoying, but rather connects and empowers people, thereby creating a bond between the brand and its audience.


Some of our clients

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